Top Indonesia Holidays

We are an experienced Destination Management Company. We craft travel products based on individual interests, engaging travellers in a sustainable tourism program by exploring Indonesia's pristine nature and promoting local cultural activities to support the community.


Why Top Indonesia?

Deep Destination Knowledge:
The owner of Top Indonesia Holidays, Sugeng Suprianto, has been working in the Indonesian tourism industry since 1990. He actively surveys the Indonesian landscape, reinvents travel products, and cultivates innovation

Bespoke Tours and Active Holidays:
Understanding Indonesia offers complex island destinations. It is a daunting task for consumers to arrange their own. We seize the opportunity to provide the demand for custom-made tours and active holidays by crafting extraordinary experiences to match individual expectations.

Personalized Assistance:
We expose our partner’s brand to be visible to their customers at the destination and deliver high-touches personalized assistance.

Emerging Technology Utility:
The digital transformation of the tourism and hospitality industry is an evitable device to gain high performance. We build an interactive platform for creating itineraries to speed up the process but maintain a high value of human interaction and personalization.

Transcends B2B Business Model:
We are committed to the fundamental principles of responsible travel and true sustainability.
We focus on promoting our products through overseas travel designers and a global network community dedicated to providing extraordinary journeys to travellers looking for unique experiences.

Simple Process:
We assign a dedicated team to provide the same-day response, propose a detailed itinerary, and manage a ground operation from arrival to departure. We strive to streamline any time-consuming process by giving full empowerment to the team and minimising hierarchy.

In Country Networking:
Top Indonesia is known for its excellent teamwork and reputable company brand in the industry.
We affiliate with most luxury hotels, yacht companies, private jet operators, government officials, and other tourism stakeholders.

What we offer?

In Indonesia, nothing is more accessible than stepping outside your comfort zone. The archipelago has one of the richest biological and cultural heritages on Earth. There is an overwhelming abundance of exotic places where one finds dramatic landscapes and stunning sites. We strive to reinvent experiences and consistently cultivate innovative products for sustainable tourism developments.

Boutique and Charming Accommodations:
Indonesia offers some charming accommodations with luxury brands, antique houses, and private villas. We conduct a property assessment to ensure its sustainability and evaluate the quality of service, comfort and safety. More →

Traditional Yacht Charters:
There is no better way to experience the diversity and authentic tranquillity of the Indonesian archipelago than to travel by sea. Explore the Komodo National Park, Surfing trip to the Spice Island through to pristine nature and remote reefs of Raja Ampat. We build cooperation with yacht operators/owners for their product value, level of service, comfortable interiors, safety, and a delightful culinary experience. . More →

Out-Door Activities:
The Indonesian archipelago charms visitors with engaging activities and fulfiling any passion for adventure lovers. We offer hiking on active volcanoes, surfing the Indian Ocean, diving to see whale sharks, cycling through rice terraces, or walking around an artisan village. As the result of our exploration, we cultivate the adventure itineraries carefully for comfort and a high sense of privatization. More →

Multi Island Journeys:
Each of the major islands in the archipelago has a different character, and each would merit a separate extended voyage. It would take years to get to know the whole of Indonesia to make life easy for our partners. We create itineraries that bundle the classic highlights of the different regions. More →

Private Jet Charters:
Aviation in Indonesia serves as a critical means of connecting within islands. Flying on a commercial airline has become more hassle and bustle. Chartering a private plane is the perfect way to access remote areas to avoid multiple transits and queues through security. Top Indonesia is an experienced DMC for arranging private jets and has been affiliated with private jet operators and helicopter companies in Indonesia. More →

Spiritual and Wellness Experience:
It is safe to say that Bali has become one of the world’s spa capitals over the past decade. Spa practitioners deliver various treatments that encourage body and mind renewal. These services aligned with the unique culture and traditions of the island. The fundamental concept of Balinese Hindu philosophy is “Tri Hita Karana” (three sources of happiness). It outlines a way of life whereby one strives to reach harmonious relationships with God, fellow man, and nature.. More →

Educational and Thematic Travel:
Travel is learning something new. Indonesia is a true kaleidoscope of cultures and offers a rich mosaic of options to suit every conceivable preference or taste. We conduct travel education and thematic program by connecting customers to local experts such as Historians, Volcanologists, Antique Collectors, Local Artists, Architects, Gastronomy, Healers, Carvers and many more.. More →.

Small MICE and Expedition Group :
Bali blends scenic landscapes, incredible cultural experiences, and tropical weather. It offers world-class infrastructure for MICE (Meeting Incentive Conference and Exhibition) facilities. The excellent range of restaurants, arts and galleries, night club and individual estate. It is simply a perfect place to organize events in Bali. More →.

Photography and Videography Service:
Our website and social media content are homemade. We know how to capture special moments, preserve dramatic actions, and frame spectacular events to save a memorable journey. We extend our product to customers willing to include photos and videos during their trip. More →

Transportation is the most crucial component of tourism. Due to the poor infrastructure, It is almost impossible to explore a city in Indonesia on public transportation. We provide vehicles based on each island’s availability, from deluxe minivans to SUVs and luxury options. More →